The Sheena V Foundation Celebrates the Life

My late niece was the catalyst that inspired me to move forward with our mission for The Sheena V. Foundation. This is a newly launched non-profit 501 (c (3) charitable foundation.  Your support will enable us to reach our goals, giving back what was taken from a very special group which played a crucial role in our country as a member of our founding forefathers, our Native Americans.

We hope the video conveys a reminder of our Native American history and a snapshot of the present living conditions of our Native American children.  Please partner with us to fulfill our mission and reinstate a promising independent future for Native American children.


Tax deductible Donations will support the following financial education curriculums and health and well-being educational curriculums for the underserved Native American children.

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Phone: 214-727-2685

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Our Mission

Our mission is to empower the under-served Native American children to Live* Hope* Dream by providing the necessary tools to enrich their lives, strengthen their hope and fulfill their dreams.


Physical Health: 

  • Counseling Programs for alcoholism, depression
  • Educational programs for healthy nutrition including diabetes
  • Educational programs for physical fitness

Improve Living Condition:

  •   Educational Programs for home building and repair
  •  Incorporating recycling programs

Financial Management Education:

  • Educational Programs for Financial management *elementary*middle school * High School
  •  Scholarship programs

Sheena V. Foundation

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The Sheena V Foundation is a 501(3)(c).  All contributions are tax deductible with tax ID #454049635 .